About Us


InvestDefense Investigation Agency and Research Lab are located at the
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.


InvestDefense is a Registered Investigative Agency, Licensed in the state of Florida, and is empowered under Chapter 493 of Florida Statutes to conduct full investigative operations in support of its investigative mission.

Until 2012, we were Special Agents in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  After years of conducting an unprecedented specialized scientific, behavioral, and investigative research study into uncovering the root causes, patterns, and behaviors of financial fraud based on real-world case studies, we decided to leave the Bureau to form InvestDefense and implement the groundbreaking results.

InvestDefense is a Financial Investigation Agency and Research Lab. InvestDefense utilizes the specialized training, methods and techniques used to capture frauds after they occur, and for the first time, put those techniques into action for you now before you become a victim or waste resources on unreliable, untested services.  We don’t sell financial products or manage money, we conduct specialized investigations of all financial and investing services and products to eliminate frauds, along with independent research and testing of investing performance, claimed results, and quality analysis to find those that are trustworthy, useful and successful.

The InvestDefense Research Laboratory is responsible for conducting independent data collection, results testing, analysis and validation of investing products and services.  Our Research is focused on any and all investing products and services offered to the general public.  IDRL utilizes specialized investigative, research, and analysis techniques and uniquely applies them to independently test and validate results across financial and investing products and services.  Its two research arms are the FraudScience Lab and the InvestScience Lab.

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InvestDefense is a Registered Investigative Agency
Licensed and Insured

Florida Investigative Agency License: A1200004
Florida Investigator License: C1200001

Click here to verify licensing with the State of Florida

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