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Becoming a Client

  • Due to the time-intensive nature of our investigative and research operations, InvestDefense selects only a limited number of client-members.
  • We provide highly customized investigative and research operations to each of our client-members, based on their specific needs and specific investments.
  • All new potential clients must submit a membership application and complete an interview to assess their needs and create a customized operations plan. [Priority is given to those referred by current members.]


All new applications are being placed into a WAITLIST.
Acceptance is determined on a case-by-case basis ONLY

Final costs & expenses vary based on the customized investigation & research plan to be conducted.
All services require a signed contract and agreement before work begins.


Step 1: Submit Application

Step 2:  Await our Review and Response, if accepted.

Step 3:  Interview Meeting to create customized plan.

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