Our Clients

Our Clients

For Individual Investors

-Investigate and monitor those you are trusting with your investments before or after you decide to invest.
-Investigate, verify, and validate any type of investment, investment opportunity, business venture, etc.
-Research and understand the real performance, profits, and costs of your current/potential investments.
-Prevent becoming a victim of fraud; or hunt after those responsible after you’ve been victimized.

For Businesses

-In-depth investigation of potential investments, business partners, and hired professionals.
-Develop strategies to maximize financial assets and investment activities; prevent losses and fraud.
-Prevent customer and employee fraud through financial security training and seminars.
-Investigate and prosecute acts of fraud committed against your business.

For Financial Institutions

-Comprehensive investigations of lending and investment applicants, proposals, and other transactions.
-Develop strategies to prevent and protect your customers from becoming victims of fraud.
-Prevent internal fraud activity and/or conduct post-fraud investigation and recovery.


All investigations are conducted under any desired level of confidentiality rules and agreements.


Typical ‘Investment Dilemmas’ we can help resolve:

    • Been offered a new investment or business opportunity?
    • Want to ensure those you currently trust with your investments have no red flags putting you at risk?
    • Suspect you are the victim of a fraud and want to hold them responsible?
    • Want to start investing, but don’t know who to trust or where to turn?
    • Need to confirm the claims of a proposed investment, financial product, or transaction?
    • Recently began or about to begin retirement, and need to ensure money is in safe and trustworthy hands?
    • About to invest in a new business venture or expansion?
    • About to sell a large asset, property, business, or other, and need to ensure buyer is legitimate?
    • About to make a loan or business transaction, and need to ensure other party is legitimate and/or trustworthy?

Want unbiased, independent review or validation of any investment or financial transaction?

Want unbiased, independent review of any financial expert or team currently in charge of your finances or estate?


InvestDefense helps you answer questions about your money and investments:

Fraud Prevention

-Are my investments in safe and trustworthy hands?
-Is my current or new proposed investment legitimate or a scam?
-Are the professionals or salespeople truly responsible, and legitimate OR fraudsters, incompetent, or exaggerating their expertise?
-How do I avoid becoming a victim of fraud?
-How do I avoid bad investments, lazy professionals, false advertising?
-Are there better options with proven results and credentials?

Results Validation

-What is the real performance of my current (or proposed) investments?
-How do the results compare to others?
-Am I wasting too much in fees and expenses?
-Are there better investment options?
-How do the advertised results compare with real-world proven results?
-What comparable financial products and services are available for my needs?
-Can I recover anything I lost after I became a victim to a fraud or scam?


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